Over two years after launch, Pokémon GO is finally adding PVP Trainer Battles. They’ve been teasing the highly-requested feature for months, and they recently confirmed that it’s coming soon. Shortly after that, they announced that Trainer Battles are divided into three different leagues, but how do the battles themselves actually work? Today we have our answer!

You’ll be able to battle other trainers by entering their Trainer Code, but most will require you to be near them. However, if you have any Ultra Friends or Best Friends on your Friend List, you can battle them wherever they are in the world. Each Trainer will use three Pokémon for the battle, so choose wisely! As previously reported, you’ll choose which of the three Battle Leagues you wish to enter for each battle, and that determines how strong your Pokémon are allowed to be.

Trainer Battles, like others in GO, are real-time rather than turn-based, so you have to act fast. Fast Attacks and Charged Attacks are allowed, and you can even unlock a bonus Charged Attack using Stardust and Candy. You’ll also have the ability to deploy a Protect Shield for your Pokémon, but these are limited. After the battle, both Trainers will receive rewards, and you might even get a rare evolution item.

Source: Niantic

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