Xenoblade Chronicles was re-released for the New Nintendo 3DS in April, but the release excluded the original 3DS. Some people may have wondered why it wasn’t ported to the original handheld, or at least what it would have been like if it had. Well, YouTube user Osha has recorded a video of him testing out how the game would run if clocked at the CPU rate of the original 3DS. This test does not account for the additional memory in the New 3DS, but besides that it’s interesting how slow the game runs when throttled down to original 3DS’s speed.

In case you didn’t know, the New 3DS came with a processor upgraded with additional cores, twice the RAM, and around 40% more VRAM. In this test, Osha uses different homebrew tricks to downclock the processors to original 3DS mode. The game then boots up, and while it appears fine in the menus, the actual gameplay is as slow as you might expect from halving the resources at your machine’s disposal. No wonder the game was never ported for the original 3DS.

*Spoiler Notice* It has been noted that the gameplay footage is of a save file quite far in the game, and while no story is actually shown, some things are unlocked that reveal certain parts of the game.

Are there any other games you think should be put on the new 3DS for increased performance? Let us know in the comments!

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