During the Switch presentation last week, Nintendo unveiled a wacky new party game called 1-2-Switch. During the Treehouse stream the following day, we got a better look into some of the minigames that will be featured. The one we saw in the trailer called “Quick Draw” mimics a face-off between two cowboys, and in order to win, the player has to raise the Joy-Con to the appropriate angle faster than their opponent.

One of the more crazy minigames is called “Milk” and mimics milking a cow. Players hold the controller vertically and do a top-down motion as fast as they can to milk the cow. The player who milks the cow fastest to get the most milk wins.

In “Copy Dance,” the first player makes a pose, then the opponent must mimic that pose as accurately as possible. The winner is the player who mimics most accurately, and it is judged by “poses,” “energy,” and “timing.”

Another minigame called “Samurai Training” asks one player to hold their Joy-Con like a sword, while the other player brings their hands together to try and catch the sword. The loser is the player who misses catching the sword.

One of the more sporty minigames is “Table Tennis,” where players can press different buttons on the controller to hit the ball in various ways. The Switch will make noises that players must listen to in order to swing at the correct time.

Finally, the other minigame shown at the stream was called “Eating Contest,” which is a one-player game. The player holds the Joy-Con R two inches from their mouth whilst biting with their teeth, pretending to eat a sandwich. You have to chew as fast as you can in order to eat as many sandwiches as you can in the time limit.

There are plenty more games in 1-2-Switch that we will hopefully find out about soon. What are your thoughts on 1-2-Switch so far? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo Treehouse Live with Nintendo Switch

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