As of today’s North American launch, Hyrule Warriors Legends is now available to Nintendo 3DS owners the world over, and the fun isn’t over just yet with four new DLC packs on the horizon. The first one coming this Spring is the Master Wind Waker Pack, exclusive to Legends and set to launch for the cheap price of $0.99 USD / $1.39 CAD / £1.79 / €1,99.

The upcoming downloadable content will grant players sixteen new My Fairy costume pieces and a new Master
Wind Waker map in Adventure Mode that includes a new type of battle scenario. While the pack’s definite release date is still up in the air, Koei Tecmo released some screenshots and artwork for the DLC, which includes brand new Wind Waker-themed costumes for some of the game’s cast.

Check it all out in the gallery below, and give us your thoughts on the forthcoming DLC for
Hyrule Warriors Legends in the comments as well, swabbie!

Source: Nintendo Everything

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