In 2010, the gaming industry’s rhythm genre got overloaded. With several Guitar Hero and Rock Band games released each year, it became rather ridiculous, and gamers experienced a bit of a rhythm game burnout, so Harmonix and Activision thought it was best to put their respective series in hiatus.

That hiatus was put to an end earlier this year, with announcements of new entries in both series, and Harmonix was quick to say that Rock Band 4 would be the only game in the series to be released in this generation. Now, Activision’s Tyler Michaud has said in a recent interview with Game Informer that they don’t plan on making Guitar Hero an annual franchise. 

Here’s what Michaud had to say on the matter:

“It is not in our plan to put out a new disc in 2016, when you look at what [Guitar Hero Live’s GHTV] can do, we can bring you that new content and new ways to play without having to ship you a new disc.” – Tyler Michaud

He went on to say that times have changed, and with DLC, they won’t need to rely on physical sales as much as they did in the past:

“It removes the need to bring a new disc to market in order to bring you new music. In 2007, so much of our audience is not even connected. You think of all the people playing on Wii and PlayStation 2 – all of those discs that hit the market came from a good place of so much demand for new music. Even though our genre set was more narrow back then, you’ve got different time periods, you’ve got different bands and people want all this content and back then, the solution to bring you that content was to ship a disc. And now, we don’t have to do that.” – Tyler Michaud

It seems out of Activision’s nature to not annualize their most popular franchises, but let’s hope that they’ve learned from their mistakes.

How do you feel about Guitar Hero and Rock Band coming back? Are you happy that they’re not becoming annual series again? Scroll down to the comments to give us your opinion!

Source: Game Informer

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