Ubisoft isn’t exactly a stranger to delivering licensed TV show games, having released the critically acclaimed South Park: The Stick of Truth last year (plus a sequel currently in the works). This fall, the publisher will take on another successful animated series with Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

From the teaser trailer, we see that the Disney cartoon’s first game adaptation will be a 2D platformer, which is commonplace for licensed cartoon titles. On that note, the gameplay looks quite Rayman-esque, which makes sense given that it uses the UbiArt engine first used for Rayman Legends. Also seen in the trailer is an interactive world map (along with what looks like access to Dipper’s journal), the Mystery Shack, and an appearance by Mabel’s beloved “GRAPPLING HOOK!

Here’s a little more info from Ubisoft’s press release:

“The game delivers Gravity Falls’ trademark quirky humor in an authentic and interactive way, letting fans play as Dipper and Mabel as they set out to solve mysteries and restore order to Gnome Kingdom. Along their journey, players will encounter many more characters from the show and will explore locations including the town of Gravity Falls, the Mystery Shack, and more. [Series producer Alex] Hirsch also designed the game’s original key art.”

All that said, I’m cautiously optimistic. Stick of Truth’s writing was certainly faithful to the game’s source material thanks to Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s involvement, and with Hirsch similarly on board for his show’s adaptation, this game will hopefully hold series fans’ interest and amusement even if it turns out to be an average licensed game. As a major Gravity Falls fan myself, I’ll be keeping an eye on this. The series’ lore is so rich and intriguing, it could definitely translate well to other genres (you reading this, Telltale?).

Who else will give Gravity Falls’ first game a shot? On a related note, is anyone else totally pumped for the mid-season premiere next week? Sound off below!

Source: GameSpot

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