For months now we’ve been hearing rumors that Epic Games’ hit Battle Royale experience, Fortnite, is coming to Nintendo Switch. It was recently even rated for release by the Korean Ratings Board. If you’re still not sold on this being true, even more evidence has already surfaced ahead of time, this time from Nintendo itself.

Data miner @SciresM on Twitter recently did some digging on the Nintendo Switch eShop, and discovered data for a game icon and a future update for Fortnite. This is the same person who declared that Switch is completely compromised due to an exploit in the Tegra X1 architecture.

As GameXplain speculates, the presence of the icon and update on eShop could suggest that the release isn’t far away. Nintendo has occasionally used Directs to announce games and then immediately release them, so we could see Fortnite on Switch as early as June 12th.

Image source: GameSpot

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