Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world right now, and developer Epic Games is using that status to attract some impressive partners. Earlier this year, Epic teamed up with Disney and the Marvel Cinematic Universe to bring Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet to the game. Next, they’ll be shifting gears from superheroes to sports by partnering with the National Football League.

Epic has just released a brief teaser trailer that shows off Fortnite characters decked out in NFL gear. Starting this Friday at 7:00 PM Eastern, you’ll be able to buy gear from all 32 NFL teams. This includes jerseys (with any number you want), emotes, harvesting tools, gliders, and more. You can even dress up as a referee!

You won’t have to buy multiple skins to represent different teams. Instead, purchasing a single NFL outfit gives you the option to pick your team and number of choice before each game. You’ll be able to purchase these outfits (which have male and female variants) in the Battle Royale Item Shop using V-Bucks.

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