As part of the new Nintendo-DeNA partnership, Nintendo will be unveiling a new membership program boasting proper cross-platform functionality. The new system will function on all current and future Nintendo systems as well as across smart devices. Former DeNA developer Ben Cousins says that the cross-platform feature is the key ingredient to this new system being a success. Without it, “it’s really hard to pull off this kind of cross-promotion and interoperability.” The successful implementation of this system would drive home Nintendo’s goal of making their smartphone presence a way to funnel new players into the console and first-party handheld market.

“It needs to use cross-promotion to leverage Nintendo fans onto the mobile games and mobile gamers over to the Nintendo platforms. Without a shared account system of some kind, Nintendo end up with something it doesn’t want – an island of Nintendo mobile gamers and an island of Nintendo console gamers who never interact. Nintendo will want to do things like offer mobile players free in-game currency or items if they buy the console version of the game. Without a shared backend and account system, it’s really hard to pull off this kind of cross-promotion and interoperability.” — Ben Cousins

Source: MCV

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