Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of Fire Emblem Heroes, and so Nintendo and DeNA are commemorating the occasion with a bevy of special events. The fun began last week with another round of “Choose Your Legends,” where fans voted for special editions of favorite characters to appear in the mobile game later this year, and tonight, at 11pm Pacific, the celebrations begin in earnest as Heroes will be updated to feature new maps, bonuses, and modes.

First comes the special One-Year Anniversary Presents. Lasting until February 16th at 10:59pm, players can take advantage of a daily 2 Summoning Orb login bonus up to ten times, totaling a maximum of 20 Orbs. Logging in between tonight and March 7th will also net you a one-time present of 50 Orbs.

Next up is the new Summoning Focus with the One-Year Anniversary Hero Fest. The Five-Star Focus heroes for grabs here are Fierce Halberdier Nephenee, Holy Knight Sigurd, and (from last year’s “Choose Your Legends“) Brave Mercenary Ike and Brave Lady Lyn, all with an initial summoning rate of 5%. This Summoning Focus, as well as the Double EXP and SP Event, lasts until February 8th.

As for new maps, new Daily Special Maps will rotate everyday until February 25th with Normal and Hard difficulties, with one Orb each to claim—leading to a total of 50 Orbs if you keep up with the rotations. Developer Challenges will go live on February 3rd for you to test your teams against, and dedicated Special Training maps will allow you to train up dedicated character classes. The Daily Grand Hero Battle Revival will give players a second chance to earn heroes from the earliest GHB events, including Paragon Knight Xander.

The results are in for “Choose Your Legends” round two as well, and the top two candidates from the male and female category are as follows: Hector, from The Blazing Blade (38,527 votes); Celica, from Gaiden/Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (36,302 votes); Ephraim, from The Sacred Stones (31,027 votes); and Fire Emblem Heroes‘ very own Veronica (29,206 votes). Special versions of these four characters will appear later in the future, but if your favorite didn’t come out on top, then fret not. A new “A Hero Rises” voting event goes live tonight to decide who the top character of Heroes is, including the newly added Legendary Hero “Vanguard” variant of Ike. The winner of this vote will then be distributed to every player for free.

UPDATE: The “A Hero Rises” event is now live! Cast your votes right here and score some Platinum Coins.

Last but not least, “Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon” will debut on February 8th as a brand new game mode, where you can choose any of your four favorites—including those you haven’t leveled up—to fend off foes with taps on the screen. This new mode comes with its own series of Daily Quests and will expire on February 22nd.

Who will you vote for in the new A Hero Rises event for Fire Emblem Heroes? Will you be taking part in the in-game festivities? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo PR

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