Whenever news breaks that an MMO’s servers are shutting down, the surprise, to me at least, is always that they were still up. Final Fantasy XI, an MMO which saw its initial release back in 2002 and which is part of a series that has since released another MMO (Final Fantasy XIV), is just now beginning to shut down its servers. As of yesterday, March 31st, servers for the game on both PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 are done for. I don’t know if it’s sad that they’re dying or admirable that they were still even alive.

However, Final Fantasy XI still isn’t done for altogether. Square Enix’s official word on the matter is that those aforementioned servers are dead, but players on those platforms can still switch over to the PC version, which, I guess, will continue peddling on for a little while. They even have a whole guide set up on how to make the switch.

There is no need to buy new software for the Windows version.” Basically, you just have to transfer your PlayOnline account to a Square Enix account and have a Windows computer that can run Final Fantasy XI. The full guide can be found in the official update.

Source: Square Enix

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