Be it going head-to-head against others through online multiplayer in a variety of titles, leaderboards to see where your score stacks against those of players around the world, or even the Global Trade Station in older Pokémon games, it is always unfortunate when online support for a game is discontinued once its generation lives past its prime.

That said, fan-led efforts have managed to restore some online functionality in older games, and they’ve even introduced the concept to titles that did not come with it in the first place. One recent example of the former saw the restoration of the World Rankings for the SEGA Dreamcast’s Sonic Adventure, successfully reverse-engineered by users on the Dreamcast-talk forum.

If you have a Dreamcast at home and have a copy of Sonic Adventure, you can access the newly restored World Rankings by using the DreamPi DNS at before accessing the Internet option on the game’s main menu. However, you will need to login or register a DreamPipe BB account to upload your own rankings as the original SEGA login has long since become defunct. The World Rankings are now functioning just as they used to before they shut down in the year 2000, although bugs are still being ironed out.

You can find more information on DreamPipes on its website.

In related news, a fan purchased the domain of the original Sonic Adventure website and returned it to its former retro glory three months ago.

Source: Dreamcast-talk

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