The Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s next home console, was officially revealed on October 20th after months of anticipation.

Shortly after it was first announced, many fans noticed something interesting about the Switch’s bizarre controller. With its square shape and rounded handles, it looks exactly like an adorable-black and white puppy. Immediately after this was first pointed out, the internet adopted the Nintendo Switch puppy as the console’s unofficial mascot.

For the past week, fans have expressed their love for the Switch puppy in all sorts of ways. Tons of fan art for the dog has been created, and a few fans have even petitioned that the dog be turned into an official mascot, under the name “Swoof.” Some have joked that this likeness was intentional, and that the company is hinting that a new Nintendogs title might be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The best reaction to the mascot came from Twitter user AnnaTheRed, who took it upon herself to make a large plushie that looks like the adorable Nintendo Switch puppy. Her work is extremely impressive, and photos of her plushie have gone viral, with tons of people petitioning that it be turned into official Nintendo merchandise. Anna’s plushie is not for sale, and she is not planning on making any more of them, but the popularity of her puppy proves that there is a huge market for toys and stuffed animals with the dog’s design.

What do you guys think? Are you enjoying the Nintendo Switch puppy? Personally, I love it. Even if Nintendo didn’t intentionally design the Switch’s controller to look like a dog, the company should adopt the puppy as an official mascot soon, as it clearly has a lot of potential for marketability.

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