Three days ago, Nintendo streamed a Direct dedicated to Animal Crossing: New Leaf‘s update, which brings new villagers, Amiibo support, and more to the game. Since it is available now, players have already picked up a ton of details in the update that weren’t mentioned in the Direct. Amiibo support has been introduced via Harvey’s campsite, where players scan Amiibo cards to invite villagers to their town.

You can scan the Amiibo when you talk to Wisp, however players have found that you cannot communicate with Wisp if your town gates are open or if a player is visiting. Harvey himself is a cheerful new face in the game. He will give you beans to feed the birds, and you can dance next to his fire at night by pressing A.

You can invite special NPCs to the campsite such as KK Slider, Mabel, and Isabelle, but players have found that this will have an effect on their regular location in your town. Furthermore, if you already have a Special Amiibo villager (the ones with the sparkly cards) living in your town, you cannot re-invite them to the campsite.

Inviting campers also seems to bypass the usual 16 villager cycle, which means that when a villager moves out, you have to go through 16 other character moves before you can get that one back. Villagers will now give you seven days moving notice instead of five, meaning you have more time to convince them to stay.

When villagers come to the campsite you can buy their furniture in their van by using MEOW coupons, which can be exchanged for 3,000 Bells at the ATM. There is also a purchase restriction of three items per camper, per day.

In the Direct, it was also revealed that new minigames can be accessed via an in-game 3DS or Wii U. It seems that most (if not all) Amiibo will unlock the devices, so players don’t have to worry about finding specific Amiibo to unlock the minigames.

The update has also brought a lot of features to make gameplay smoother including glitch fixes, the ability to shake trees while holding one-handed equipment, the ability to interact with things while sitting down, and the ability to sit on rocks and floor cushions. In terms of decorating your home, you can now hang clothing on your walls, and certain furniture items can now have items placed on them.

Lastly, there are new fortune cookie items; Balloon gifts include more than just balloon furniture; fertilizer turns dead trees into regular fruit trees; Mii Masks change the player’s skin tone to match; NPCs have new animations; and you can share all this through screenshots which upload directly to social media from the game.

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Source: Reddit

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