Back in 2002, Nintendo released Super Mario Sunshine, which is considered to be one of Mario’s greatest platformers. Mario and his pal FLUDD run, jump, and pound across Isle Delfino to try and save Peach from the mysterious Shadow Mario. While Super Mario Sunshine was a great single player game, some fans have decided to give the game a co-op multiplayer mod that lets you play with two characters at the same time. CyberTanuki, one of the modders helping with the multiplayer mode, explained in more detail about the goals for the mod.

When asked about the goals of the mod, CyberTanuki explained what their team hopes to achieve.

1. To play Sunshine cooperative of course. This mod is literally just a proof-of-concept atm, but eventually, Player 2 will be able to assist Player 1 and have the ability to do everything Player 1 can do.

2. Shared screen will be for local play, but there’s actually a possibility to provide Player 1 and Player 2 with their own screen via online, meaning both players can do whatever they want in the same level, and have complete control of their own camera.

3. They’ll most likely have their own health meters.

What do you think of the Super Mario Sunshine mod so far? Discuss in the comments below!

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