Following the recent Rayman DLC “leak,” Source Gaming has surveyed Japanese Smash Bros. fan discussions to get an idea of what characters they want the most. They counted up every mention of a character and compiled all the data.

Using this method, Lucas took the number one spot with only Wolf coming close. Interestingly, the top six most highly requested characters are all Smash Bros. veterans; even Pichu made it up top. The most wanted newcomer is King K. Rool, and of all the series that have thus far not had any character representation in Smash, Japanese players would most like to see a character from Custom Robo make the cut. Surprisingly low on the list is Ridley at number nine, despite having a large and incredibly vocal amount of support in the West.

As for Rayman, he sits toward the bottom of the list, below Waluigi and above Fire Emblem‘s Micaiah. Several third party characters were more highly suggested than he was, with the highest among newcomers being Goemon, who many Japanese gamers deem a better Konami mascot than Snake.

You can view the charts in the gallery or follow the source to the full study.

Source: Source Gaming

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