Last week, Famitsu opened up the floodgates for Fire Emblem Warriors information. The Dynasty Warriors-take on the Fire Emblem series is still slated for release during this fall quarter, and thanks to translators, we know even more than last week’s report on the game. This includes a number of new storyline details, focusing mainly on the new pair of royal twins and the events that serve as the inciting incident for the game.

Thanks to Famitsu, here are many of the new details we’ve learned about Fire Emblem Warriors for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS:

  • Shion (prince) and Lian (princess) are twins from the Kingdom of Aitriss
  • Queen Yuana rules over Aitriss and desires for her children to take the throne after her husband died
  • Shion wants to be a knight who fights; he wants his sister Lian to rule
  • Lian is clever and understanding of her own faults and also wants her sibling to rule instead
  • The two twins are voiced by actual siblings in the Japanese version
  • After Shion and Lian’s father (the king) died of illness, the kingdom was without a ruler for a long period
  • Thanks to the aid of the neighbouring kingdom of Guston, its people were able to live in harmony
  • The story begins as the kingdom is suddenly attacked by monsters from another dimension
  • While visiting, Prince Darios from the Kingdom of Guston helps Shion and Lian escape the castle by request of their mother
  • Darios taught Shion the way of the sword and Lian the academic arts

While it seems like this new cast of Fire Emblem characters will be the stars, at least in the beginning of the adventure, familiar faces such as Marth and Chrom are guaranteed to appear. And it looks like we can add series mainstay Anna to that list of familiar faces as well, as the profile of the official Fire Emblem Warriors Twitter appears to show off a Warriors-esque redesign of the character. That may not confirm her presence or say anything about the role she may play, but it does suggest that she’ll at least be making an appearance.

Are you looking forward to Fire Emblem Warriors? Do you think the cast of original characters shows promise or not? Will we learn more about this game during the Nintendo E3 Spotlight? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: Famitsu (via Serenes Forest)

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