In the weeks leading up to E3 2018, Bethesda unveiled the next entry in the popular Fallout franchise. Fallout 76 is an online-only “softcore survival” game set shortly after the end of the nuclear war that devastated the earth. During their E3 presentation of the game, Bethesda announced a “Break-it Early Test Application,” or B.E.T.A., would be made available before launch, and today we have new details!

Bethesda Community Administrator Jurrasica stopped by the forums to give everyone an update on the upcoming B.E.T.A. today, revealing that it will begin in October. Anyone who pre-orders the game at a participating retailer will eventually be given access to the B.E.T.A., but Bethesda is going to start out small and add more players over time until everyone has access.

Jurrasica also noted that Bethesda will be answering questions from fans during the upcoming Fallout 76 panel at QuakeCon. In the meantime, they’ve also set up an FAQ to answer all of your B.E.T.A. questions.

Source: Bethesda Forums

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