Our most recent showdown of dungeon-crawlers proved to be a bit slow, with Diablo picking up an easy win in a quieter bracket, but today should be a bit more interesting. We are finally reaching the end of Round 1 of our tournament, with the final match-up arriving tomorrow, so it’s time to determine the final entrants into our quarterfinals. The victor from today’s round will have test its mettle in just a few days against the likes of Persona 4 Golden, Golden Sun, and Final Fantasy VI—a difficult bracket any way you look at it—so make sure to choose your champion wisely.

As opposed to our two most recent matches, the group we’re looking at today hails from a retro era. Much like those same two matches, however, we see some big names entering the ring. First up is
Lufia II: a prequel to the first entry with a classic fantasy setting. Suidoken II follows closely with another fantastical setting, but incorporating some strategic elements to its gameplay. Secret of Mana 2 provides yet another sequel for this bracket, but adds an epic tale and some character choice variability. Finally, Chrono Trigger rounds out our SNES cohort, bringing some sci-fi elements into the fantasy mix, along with alternative story pathways.

To vote, simply use the poll included above, but be quick! Match-ups in this round only last a day and there’s no going back, so once the poll closes, it’s closed for good. Which of these games can prove that retro is still relevant? Be sure to check back tomorrow to find out, and don’t forget to
visit the tournament’s hub page, where you can find the complete list of contenders, as well as up-to-date standings.

The combatants for the next match-up (and the
final match of Round 1!) are: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Paper Mario, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, and Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story.

A reminder to readers and votes: Please be civil with one another. This tournament is for everyone’s enjoyment, and we want it to stay fun for all who choose to be involved, no matter which games they support. Those who attack others in the comments will be temporarily banned and, if they continue to do so, will removed indefinitely. We really do not want to do this, so please keep it rated E (or E10), and thanks for your enthusiasm!

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