The last round of our Ultimate RPG Tournament saw four Atlus favorites duking it out. Though there was almost a three way tie for second place (the losing games received 18, 19, and 20 votes respectively), it looks like Yu Narukami maxed out his Social Links as Persona 4 Golden ultimately came out on top. For this round we’re shifting from Japanese RPGs to Western RPGs as we look at just a few of the modern classics.

Two of our four games in this bout look at the apocalypse, though of vastly different natures. Fallout 3 sees players searching for their father in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse that ravaged Washington D.C. On a lighter note, Dead Rising takes a more comical approach as protagonist Frank West must fight through hordes of zombies using anything and everything he can scrape up in the Willamette Mall. In addition to these titles, we have Borderlands 2, which sends players on a massive treasure hunt through the wastelands of Pandora, and Deus Ex, a romp through a dystopian world of terrorism and conspiracies.

To vote, simply use the poll included above, but be quick! Match-ups in this round only last a day and there’s no going back, so once the poll closes, it’s closed for good. Which of these games will sneak on to the next round while the others get caught up in a gunfight? Be sure to check back tomorrow to find out, and don’t forget to visit the tournament’s hub page, where you can find the complete list of contenders, as well as up-to-date standings.

The combatants for the next match-up are: EarthBound Beginnings, EarthBound, Mother 3, and Undertale.

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