With the conclusion of yesterday’s fairly tight poll, we now have our flag-bearer for the
Final Fantasy franchise. With nearly 200 votes cast, the final call came down to a match between the last of the 2D entries and the series’ first foray into 3D, but ultimately Final Fantasy VI proved more popular. Perhaps Final Fantasy VII will have better luck with its remake. We’ll revisit FFVI in another week or so when it faces off against Golden Sun, Persona 4 Golden, and one more contender, to be announced. But for now, we have four more potential champions for you to consider in a slightly more diverse bracket.

Today’s competitors are a little more loosely aligned (tends to happen with a tournament this large!), but share a common stylistic theme despite very different gameplay styles. The first is
The World Ends With You: a cult-classic from Square Enix with a unique, dual-screen battle style on the DS, and whose characters featured in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Our second contender, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, is another cult classic with a steampunk theme, anthropomorphic characters, and a save-the-world adventure (all typical fare). Mega Man Battle Network 3 follows up with one of our only GBA representatives and our only entry featuring the Blue Bomber, and Digimon World 3 rounds out this group with a PlayStation era Bandai Namco fan favorite – although gaming critics don’t remember it so kindly.

To vote, simply use the poll included above, but be quick! Match-ups in this round only last a day and there’s no going back, so once the poll closes, it’s closed for good. Which anime representative won’t be the one left crying on prom night? Be sure to check back tomorrow to find out, and don’t forget to
visit the tournament’s hub page, where you can find the complete list of contenders, as well as up-to-date standings.

The combatants for the next match-up are:
Diablo, Baldur’s Gate 2, Terranigma, and Torchlight.

A reminder to readers and votes: Please be civil with one another. This tournament is for everyone’s enjoyment, and we want it to stay fun for all who choose to be involved, no matter which games they support. Those who attack others in the comments will be temporarily banned and, if they continue to do so, will removed indefinitely. We really do not want to do this, so please keep it rated E (or E10), and thanks for your enthusiasm!

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