Pokémon Sun and Moon are less than two weeks away, and we at Gamnesia wanted to celebrate—that’s why, for the eighteen days leading up to the games’ launch, we’ll be revealing our team’s Top Ten Pokémon of each of the eighteen Types! Next up on our list of lists is the Rock-Type, filled with a ton of ancient and interesting creatures, and we went through them all to choose the ones we liked the best.

So then, let’s check out our picks for the Top Ten Rock-Type Pokémon!

10. Regirock

“It is entirely composed of rocks with no sign of a brain or heart. It is a mystery even to modern scientists.”
— Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen Versions

Regirock is one of the Hoenn region’s Legendary Titans, a trio of ancient creatures who fall under command of the great Regigigas. While all the Titans boast some impressive strength in battle, Regirock also has the ability to heal its injuries by simply finding more rocks to replace any that have been lost from its body, leading to a patchwork appearance for this creature. How it does all this without a brain of its own is a bit odd and somewhat fascinating, perhaps indicating that
it too takes inspiration from the legendary Jewish Golems.

9. Tyrantrum

“Thanks to its gargantuan jaws, which could shred thick metal plates as if they were paper, it was invincible in the ancient world it once inhabited.”
— Pokémon X

Reborn through use of the ancient Jaw Fossil, the little Tyrunt soon evolves into the mighty Tyrantrum, a T-Rex-inspired beast whose teeth could rip through practically anything in the ancient world. Despite its tiny arms, the beast’s huge head and similarly large mouth carved out a dominion for this Pokémon, and its constant victories apparently led to it behaving “like a king.” The Pokédex doesn’t go into detail about what exactly that entailed, but the awesome design and great strength of this “Despot Pokémon” sure would make us give it the royal treatment.

8. Aurorus / Amaura

“Using its diamond-shaped crystals, it can instantly create a wall of ice to block an opponent’s attack.”
— Aurorus entry, Pokémon X

No, we haven’t started grouping
all evolutionary lines together for these lists, but when they chart right next to one another like Aurorus and Amaura did, we figured combining them was far better than doing back-to-back entries on each. Amaura and Aurorus are Tyrantrum’s fellow fossil Pokémon from Gen VI, these two being icy sauropods who lived in regions too cold for predators. Aurorus is able to generate freezing winds up to -240 degrees Fahrenheit, while Amaura is shown in the anime to be able to generate auroras in the sky by crying out. Visually, the most notable feature of these Tundra Pokémon is the sails running around Amaura’s eyes and down Aurorus’ neck, which also became the primary feature of the fossil they were reborn from.

7. Geodude / Golem

“Found in fields and mountains. Mistaking them for boulders, people often step or trip on them.”
— Geodude entry, Pokémon Red & Blue Versions

When people think of Rock-Type Pokémon, very few creatures are going to spring to mind faster than Geodude and its evolutions—creatures formed entirely of living rock, even sometimes being mistaken for stones in their earlier evolutionary stages. Geodude are often stepped on by travelers on accident, but they don’t appear to mind this. Golem, however, is a massive creature who you’ll definitely see coming—especially if it’s tucked into its ball form and rolling directly at you. This final evolution has a skin hard enough to withstand dynamite, and it continues to grow by shedding its skin once a year. These two are some of the original Rock-Types in the series, and while it’s a shame that our staff doesn’t seem as fond of Graveler, Geodude and Golem are definitely worth including on this list.

6. Kabutops

“With sharp claws, this ferocious, ancient Pokémon rips apart prey and sucks their body fluids.”
— Pokémon Silver Version

Our apologies to those who often lie awake at night, trembling at the mere thought of the dreaded Dome, but that extra piece of
Twitch Plays Pokémon fan-lore simply isn’t enough to stop us from finding Kabutops cool. One of the original fossil Pokémon from the first generation, this Shellfish Pokémon is the evolution of little Kabuto, and it has gained fierce weapons in this new form—two impressive, scythe-like blades extend from each arm, ready to slice opponents to shreds, and its newly-formed legs let it efficiently travel both on land and sea. It’s quite the battle-ready Pokémon, and to those of us who don’t mind the fact that it literally drinks the blood of its victims, it’s one we value highly.

5. Onix

“As it grows, the stone portions of its body harden to become similar to black-colored diamonds.”
— Pokémon LeafGreen Version

If any Pokémon is more of a go-to example for Rock-Types than the Geodude line, it’s Onix. While a snake made of stones was always cool, many of us didn’t realize just how enormous it was until we saw Brock summon his in the anime—and once you see just how big 28’10” is, you do
not forget it. Even with this massive size and a distinct lack of arms, Onix can burrow through the earth at speeds of 50 MPH in search of food, leaving behind vast tunnel systems that other Pokémon like Diglett can then inhabit. It’s a terrifying creature to have to confront and battle against, but once you had a giant Rock-Type serpent on your side, it was a companion like none other.

4. Sudowoodo

“Although it always pretends to be a tree, its composition appears to be closer to a rock than a plant.”
— Pokémon Gold Version

Anyone who’s played through the second generation of games had that original encounter with the strange tree blocking your path, forcing you on a lengthy trek the long way around to reach Goldenrod City. Of course, this “tree” ended up being Sudowoodo, a Rock-Type Pokémon who merely camouflages itself as a wooden roadblock, but it shows its true colors the moment water is sprayed on it and challenges you to a fight. It’s a memorable encounter, certainly, especially for those of us who didn’t have the internet and had to puzzle our way through why this creature was resisting attacks that usually do great against Grass-Types. Once we captured it and saw its typing, though, everything suddenly made sense, which is just a neat surprise to get in a series where appearances are rarely so deceptive.

3. Omanyte

“One of the ancient and long-since-extinct Pokémon that have been regenerated from fossils by humans. If attacked, it withdraws into its hard shell.”
— Pokémon Emerald Version

We may have a fondness for Kabutops in spite of its more devilish origins, but none of us can escape the draw of the mighty Lord Helix. Omanyte and Omastar have been some excellently designed creatures since the beginning, sure, but it really was the legends spawned by
Twitch Plays Pokémon that turned it into an internet-wide sensation. Seeing this little guy as a long-lost deity of the TPP world who was eventually restored and led our hero to victory in his quest to become Champion of the Kanto region is just awesome.

canon lore, on the other hand, Omanyte isn’t really all that special, but it does still have a neat design and a strong evolution. Crafted after the extinct Ammonite species of mollusks, the helix-shaped shell for which its fossil is name is used both for protection as well as to help it swim through deep waters, as it draws air in or expels it from this shell to control its buoyancy. It also uses its ten tentacles to help guide it through the currents. Omanyte has a simple design for a seemingly simple Pokémon, but it’s managed to use its divine powers to reveal its true nature elsewhere in the fandom and become one of our favorites. At least, that’s how we choose to interpret what happened on Twitch.

2. Aerodactyl

“In prehistoric times, this Pokémon flew freely and fearlessly through the skies.”
— Pokémon Crystal Version

It may not feature in the
TPP lore anywhere close to the level of its fellow Gen I fossils, but Aerodactyl is still a mighty Pokémon that has long been a favorite in the eyes of many fans. It can soar the skies in spite of its Rock-Typing, and its large wings, fanged mouth, sharp talons, and spiked tail all work together seamlessly to give it a rather imposing figure. It is said to be vicious, and it often aims to rip into an opponent’s throat with its jaws; one can only wonder who would come out on top if Aerodactyl was pitted against a Tyrantrum in battle.

To date, the mighty Aerodactyl is the only fossil Pokémon that you can obtain without having to give up a second fossil in exchange, and for a long time it was also the only Fossil Pokémon incapable of evolving—but this all changed with the introduction of Mega Evolutions, which gave rise to Mega Aerodactyl. This new form truly chose to accentuate the Rock-Type features of this creature, taking its once-smooth body and introducing jagged armor and spikes all over it. Some of us like this new design, and others prefer the original, non-Mega form, but either way we have to respect this dominant flyer of the ancient world.

And so, with all the best fossil Pokémon (at least in our opinion) out of the way, which mighty Rock-Type is left to take the top slot? What could possibly be chosen to reign over all the others? For us, it was a close battle, but in the end we had to go with:

1. Tyranitar

“Tyranitar is so overwhelmingly powerful, it can bring down a whole mountain to make its nest. This Pokémon wanders about in mountains seeking new opponents to fight.”
— Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire Versions

Regarded as the Armor Pokémon, Tyranitar is the only Rock- and Dark-Type Pokémon in the series, and it does both of these Typings proud. Its thick skin is basically an impenetrable suit of armor, and as a result Tyranitar’s body is said to be unable to be harmed, no matter what attack is thrown its way, which has led to it becoming a very aggressive and battle-hungry creature. It often goes on rampages, and these can result in so many changes to the mountains and rivers of the area that entire maps may need to be redrawn. All this is wrapped together with “an insolent nature that makes it not care about others,” which certainly turns Tyranitar into a terrifying force—after all, what’s to stop it from just mowing you down along with whatever mountain you happen to be standing on? Nothing.

Tyranitar gains some strong attacks from both its Types, such as Crunch and Stone Edge, as well as some of the most powerful attacks in the game, like Hyper Beam and Giga Impact, making those Pokédex entries about its destructive power no empty threat. Come Gen VI, it also gained a Mega Evolution that provided its armored body with extra horns and thick plating…though being surrounded by so much armor
does make its tiny arms stand out a bit more, in a bit of a comical way.

Nevertheless, we’ve always adored this Pokémon’s massive size and powerful capabilities, and no minor touches of humor will make us forget about all the times we used this beast against our opponents and walked away with victory. Tyranitar is stellar in design and in strength, and we are happy to proclaim him our number one favorite Rock-Type Pokémon.

And thus concludes the list of our favorite Rock-Types! What do you think of our selections? Did we forget anyone who seems like an obvious choice to you, or is this list solid as a rock? Let us know what you think of this in the comments, and come back tomorrow for our next Top Ten list for a different Pokémon Type!

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