Pokémon Sun and Moon are coming out tomorrow (hype!), and we at Gamnesia wanted to celebrate—that’s why, for the eighteen days leading up to the launch, we’ve been revealing our team’s Top Ten Pokémon of each of the eighteen Types! We’re nearly at the end of this journey, but we still have one Type left to discuss: the newest of them all, the Fairy-Type. While we may be distracted by our impatient need for midnight to hurry up and get here, we still managed to sit down and work out which ten of these magical creatures are our favorites.

Let’s help the clock tick by with a look at our Top Ten Fairy-Type Pokémon!

10. Jigglypuff

“When its huge eyes light up, it sings a mysteriously soothing melody that lulls its enemies to sleep.”
— Pokémon Red & Blue Versions

Well now, this little guy certainly looks familiar! We did try to avoid having the same Pokémon appear on two different lists by recommending that our staff vote based solely on Primary Typings, but enough people ignored that suggestion to get Jigglypuff into the Fairy-Type list as well (the small number of Fairy-Type evolutionary lines didn’t exactly hurt its chances, either). Not that we’re complaining about seeing the Balloon Pokémon again, but we already gave most of our reasons for loving it
in the Normal-Type list; rather than repeat ourselves, you can head over there if you’d like to see our reasoning.

9. Spritzee

“It emits a scent that enraptures those who smell it. This fragrance changes depending on what it has eaten.”
— Pokémon X

Moving on to primarily-Fairy-Types, we come to one of the brand new Pokémon introduced in Generation VI: Spritzee, the Perfume Pokémon. Depending on its diet, it can give off a variety of scents, but each of them smells wonderful. In ancient times, women of the nobility and royalty would even forego perfume in favor of carrying a Spritzee with them wherever they went. It’s an interesting idea to base a Pokémon around, but it certainly does seem to work, especially with the cute little bird-like design Game Freak opted to go with.

8. Florges

“In times long past, governors of castles would invite Florges to create flower gardens to embellish the castle domains.”
— Pokémon Y

Serving as the final evolution of Flabébé and Floette, Florges is the Garden Pokémon, a pure-Fairy-Type that creates and lives in expansive flower gardens, which it then draws energy from to sustain and empower itself. Its appearance has a dual inspiration, reflecting both the look of a woman wearing an elegant gown—fitting, as this evolutionary line is exclusively female—as well as a nicely-wrapped bouquet of flowers. Florges is a powerful creature in battle, especially in team battles, as its unique abilities Flower Veil and Symbiosis are only at their full potential when you have multiple Pokémon from your team battling at once.

7. Snubbull

“Although it looks frightening, it is actually kind and affectionate. It is very popular among women.”
— Pokémon Gold Version

When Gen VI rolled around and introduced the Fairy-Type, a number of Pokémon from previous generations got converted into this new Typing to help fill out its ranks. Snubbull is one such case that left us scratching our heads; even though it is literally categorized as the “Fairy Pokémon,” and has been since it first appeared in Gen II, we’re still a bit bewildered by it. Our confusion doesn’t stop it from being a cool creature, of course. Much like the bulldogs it was designed after, Snubbull can appear scary, but this mainly seems due to its cowardly nature, which it attempts to hide by scaring off foes instead of fighting them. When it’s safe, though, Snubbull lets down its guard and becomes quite affectionate towards its trainer and friends.

6. Slurpuff

“It can distinguish the faintest of scents. It puts its sensitive sense of smell to use by helping pastry chefs in their work.”
— Pokémon X

Here at Gamnesia, we all adore well-prepared sweets and pastries, so of course we would adore a Pokémon based off those things just as much. The evolved form of the cotton candy-esque Swirlix, Slurpuff is the Meringue Pokémon and certainly resembles that dessert, as well as other things like cakes. Not only does it look like them, but Slurpuff also often makes such desserts for others to enjoy, using its incredibly effective nose to pick out the perfect aromas and ingredients for its creations. Its sense of smell is said to be 100 million times better than a human’s, so that it can even function better than sight when it comes to surveying an area or finding an opponent.

5. Togekiss

“It shares many blessings with people who respect one another’s rights and avoid needless strife.”
— Pokémon Platinum Version

The final and strongest member of the Toge- line, Togekiss is a Fairy/Flying-Type creature that entered the series during the fourth generation, evolving from Togetic when exposed to a Shiny Stone. Known as the Jubilee Pokémon, Togekiss is said to always visit peaceful regions, “bringing them gifts of kindness and sweet blessings;” meanwhile, it avoids areas of strife at all costs, never appearing there. Togekiss is a symbol of what we all want the world to become: a place where people love and help each other, and it blesses all those whose lives fall in line with that vision of the future.

4. Clefairy

“On nights with a full moon, Clefairy gather from all over and dance. Bathing in moonlight makes them float.”
— Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 Versions

Hailing from all the way back in Generation I, Clefairy is the original Fairy Pokémon, and it too became an actual Fairy-Type when Gen VI arrived. Inextricably tied to the moon, with them living in Kanto’s Mt. Moon, requiring a Moon Stone to evolve, and theorized to have originated on the lunar landscape, Clefairy draw in energy from moonlight and use it float in midair. They are admired throughout the Pokémon world—and our world too, no doubt—for their cute appearance and their playfulness, but Clefairy are also very rare creatures, hiding themselves away most of the time and only venturing out at night to dance beneath the full moon. It’s a very mysterious creature, in the end, and one we’d not mind getting a bit of focus someday; perhaps
Pokémon Moon will give us that? I guess we’ll see soon enough!

3. Togepi

“Its shell is said to be stuffed with happiness that it shares with kindhearted people.”
— Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Versions

A number of our staff members may love Togekiss, but even more of us adore its original baby form of Togepi, no doubt as a result of the copious amounts of screentime it was given in first few seasons of the anime. Not counting the mysterious rainbow bird in the first episode that we’d later come to know as Ho-Oh, little Togepi was the first Generation II Pokémon ever revealed to the world, hatching from an egg and adopting Misty as its mother; as such, we got to see plenty of this eggbound creature and came to enjoy it immensely. Its innocent nature was contradicted perfectly by its more mischievous tendencies, and it even played a key role in several episodes by secretly using Metronome to get our heroes out of a tough spot.

Being a Baby Pokémon, Togepi has little in the way of combat expertise, though it can still learn the aforementioned Metronome as well as some really powerful attacks once it reaches higher levels, like Double Edge. It’s also got access to some great TM moves—though really, if you’re trying to make this little guy a fighter, you’ll have evolved it into Togetic before too long. But we don’t love Togepi for its power; we love it for its adorable design and our many memories of it in the anime, and we’re happy to see it rank so highly as a result.

2. Xerneas

“Legends say it can share eternal life. It slept for a thousand years in the form of a tree before its revival.”
— Pokémon X

If it’s a powerful Fairy-Type combatant that you want on your team, on the other hand, look no further than the Legendary Life Pokémon Xerneas, one of the mascots of the sixth generation and the counterpart to the Destruction Pokémon Yveltal. Xerneas has the power to grant eternal life to others; when it reaches the end of its lifespan, it releases all the life energy it has stored up out into the world, revitalizing nature and other creatures in the process. Afterwards, Xerneas turns into a tree for a thousand years, sleeping as it slowly stores up enough energy to trigger its own revival.

As a Legendary Pokémon, Xerneas is quite powerful in a fight, and its mighty stats are enhanced even further by its signature Fairy-Type move Geomancy, a move which sharply increases its Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed over the course of two turns. If may leave Xerneas open for a bit, but if the opponent can’t finish it off before the second turn is up, this move turns Xerneas into an unstoppable beast of a battler. Coupled with a number of strong Fairy-Type moves and some of the most powerful attacks of the game, this creature proves to be a perfect partner for utterly destroying your opponents.

Yet even with such a impressive Pokémon, it isn’t our favorite of the Fairy-Type. No, our team reached out and grabbed ahold of a different creature, a simple and lithe little Pokémon that we simply love to love:

1. Sylveon

“It wraps its ribbonlike feelers around the arm of its beloved Trainer and walks with him or her.”
— Pokémon Y

It’s been a running theme throughout these lists that we adore Eevee and its many evolutions, and so it seems rather fitting that we ended up giving the top slot of the Fairy-Types to the newest Eeveelution of them all: Sylveon, the Intertwining Pokémon. There’s a certain degree of elegance found in this brand new creature, with its fluttering ribbons and the soft coloration giving it a peaceful air—until, of course, you enter battle with Sylveon and learn that those aren’t ribbons, but rather feelers that it can control and shoot out at opponents to entangle or beat them into submission. It doesn’t do this a lot, instead preferring to use its ribbons to emit a calming aura that stops fights rather than starts them, but the potential to turn them into whips and lash out at its enemies is still there.

There’s a lot of things we love about Sylveon, but the biggest aspect is the strength of the bond you form with Eevee while preparing it for this evolution. It’s a very involved process, with several more requirements than usual: Eevee must know a Fairy-Type move, have reached the second level of affection with its trainer in Pokémon-Amie, and then it will evolve when it next levels up. That affection part is key, as it forces players to spend a lot of time caring for Eevee and playing with it, forging that bond while you get it to the point that it can evolve. Finally obtaining Sylveon is far more rewarding and memorable after all of that effort.

Following months of teasing, Sylveon became one of the very first Pokémon ever officially confirmed to be part of the new Fairy-Type, and as a result it seems like it’s almost become that Type’s chief representative. With its beautiful design masking its hidden potential, it’s certainly worthy of that role—just as it’s worthy of filling the number one slot in our favorite Fairy-Type Pokémon.

That does it for our Fairy-Type list, as well as for these Top Ten lists in general!
Pokémon Sun and Moon will be out in a matter of hours, giving us a whole slew of new creatures to collect and grow to love, and we can’t wait for the new Alola region any more than you guys can. But instead of just watching the clock for the rest of the day, why don’t you head to our comments and give us your own ranking of the Fairies? Or you could let us know what you liked or didn’t about these eighteen Top Ten lists, and tell us if you’d like to see more content like this in the future.

Until next time, Alola everyone!

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