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Pokémon Sun and Moon are less than two weeks away, and we at Gamnesia wanted to celebrate—that’s why, for the eighteen days leading up to the games’ launch, we’ll be revealing our team’s Top Ten Pokémon of each of the eighteen Types! The Electric-Type has a ton of awesome creatures in it, making it really tricky for us to narrow down which ones were our favorites. But after a lot of work, we’ve finally managed to determine the ten that our staff members value most.

So without further ado, here are our Top Ten Electric-Type Pokémon!

10. Blitzle

“Its mane shines when it discharges electricity. They use their flashing manes to communicate with one another.”
— Pokémon Black Version

Based on zebras, Blitzle and its evolved form of Zebstrika first appeared in the fifth generation of the series as an early Electric-Type Pokémon for trainers to encounter and catch. While Zebstrika may be more powerful, many of our staff chose Blitzle as their pick due to its appealing design: a cute little zebra with a smile on its face, even as electricity courses through its mane. Said coursing is used for more than just attacks, though, as Blitzle can communicate with others over long distances by discharging their power, which makes their fur flash in certain sequences.

9. Electabuzz

“Normally found near power plants, they can wander away and cause major blackouts in cities.”
— Pokémon Red & Blue Versions

Electabuzz is a powerful Pokémon which, according to the games’ lore, seems to sustain itself by consuming electricity. This causes it to live primarily near power plants and to scale heights during thunderstorms in the hope of being struck by lightning, a trait that has led some towns to use groups of Electabuzz in place of lightning rods. We love the strong design as well as the pairing of good physical and electrical attacks that this Pokémon has, and while its evolutionary line may have been expanded later on with Elekid and Electivire, we can’t help but be drawn back to the original as our favorite of the bunch.

8. Pichu

“Despite its small size, it can zap even adult humans. However, if it does so, it also surprises itself.”
— Pokémon Silver Version

The baby version of series mascot Pikachu, Pichu takes the powers and abilities of its evolved form and adds an extra dose of cuteness to the mix. While it does have the standard electrically-charged cheeks of their line, these are not yet fully developed. As such, the Tiny Mouse Pokémon lacks control of their energy, enough so that the sparks it creates can surprise or hurt Pichu as much as whatever it’s shocking. One also appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee, exemplifying this aspect of its personality by taking damage itself whenever it used its lightning attacks.

6. (Tied) Raikou

“This Pokémon races across the land while barking a cry that sounds like crashing thunder.”
— Pokémon FireRed Version

Raikou is the electrically-inclined Legendary Beast of Gen II, and it sprints like lightning through the fields of Johto with the rain clouds it carries on its back. Raikou shares the origin story of Entei and Suicune, having been reincarnated by Ho-Oh from a Pokémon that died in the fire of Ecruteak City’s Brass Tower, and like them it is also found throughout the region, often fleeing from battle when encountered rather than fighting. We trekked all over Johto in search of this creature, and the Thunder Pokémon served well worth the difficulty of whittling down its health through a series of battles before finally managing to capture it.

6. (Tied) Zapdos

“This legendary bird Pokémon is said to appear when the sky turns dark and lightning showers down.”
— Pokémon Yellow Version

The lightning-based Legendary Bird of the first generation, Zapdos is capable of creating thunderstorms just by flapping its wings. Its classification as simply the “Electric Pokémon” may seem a tad obvious, but in many ways its design does seem to be the epitome of Electric-Types—its whole body is shaped with thunderbolts in mind, with its wings and head designed after the jagged artistic depiction of lightning and its sharp talons ready to strike at a moment’s notice. We all remember braving the Kanto Power Plant in search of this legendary, and capturing it in those games was a point of pride for all early trainers.

5. Luxray

“When its eyes gleam gold, it can spot hiding prey–even those taking shelter behind a wall.”
— Pokémon Pearl Version

Joining the franchise in Generation IV, Luxray caught our eye from the moment we first saw it—a black-furred lion with power over lightning sounds good on paper, after all, and it works great in execution. If that wasn’t enough, it holds the ability to see through solid objects, allowing it to locate both items and opponents that are hidden from view. Its eyes shine gold when doing so, giving it the moniker of the “Gleam Eyes Pokémon.” It’s a fascinating piece of lore and one that we wish was utilized in some way through the series’ gameplay, but even without that, its awesome design complimented with key electric moves like Thunder Fang and Wild Charge make it a standout creature in our eyes.

4. Jolteon

“It concentrates the weak electric charges emitted by its cells and launches wicked lightning bolts.”
— Pokémon Gold Version

Jolteon is the evolved form of Eevee through use of a Thunder Stone, and it employs the same jagged design as Zapdos to make it look like a living, breathing thunderbolt. It is capable of blasting out electrical attacks to the tune of 10,000 volts, but its electrified hair can also become pointed enough to let it use the Bug-Type Pin Missile attack—and that alone made it a mainstay on many of our teams in the first generation, back when Psychic-Type Pokémon were so overwhelming powerful and it was so hard to get a Bug-Type attack good enough to take such beasts down. That little bit of versatility went a long way, and as such we developed a last respect and love for this Lightning Pokémon.

3. Rotom

“Its body is composed of plasma. It is known to infiltrate electronic devices and wreak havoc.”
— Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Versions

Rotom is an Electric/Ghost-Type Pokémon first seen in the Sinnoh region, but that typing isn’t always accurate—Rotom has the power to possess a variety of different machines and gadgets, and it takes on new powers and Typings whenever it does so. At present, six different variations on the Plasma Pokémon have been revealed, and so this creature has gained massive appeal simply because it can often fill whatever holes you currently have in your party. Not to mention, its forms all have a playful air to them, and it often takes command of machinery for the sole purpose of causing mischief. Which, let’s be honest, is exactly what any of us would do if we had that sort of power, which helps us relate to it a bit more than many Ghosts.

Rotom looks ready to continue its possession tactics to an even greater degree in the upcoming Gen VII games, with one taking over your Pokédex to, in some way, become your main companion through the Alola region. We’re not sure how that’s going to work out in the long run, but for now, we’re definitely looking forward to seeing how this creature handles its newfound role in our adventures.

2. Ampharos

“Ampharos gives off so much light that it can be seen even from space. People in the old days used the light of this Pokémon to send signals back and forth with others far away.”
— Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire Versions

Known as the Light Pokémon, Ampharos is the final evolution of the electric sheep Mareep, a timid Pokémon found in the early areas of the Johto region which we never expected would turn into something so strong. The light its tail gives off is blindingly bright, able to be seen over vast distances, even reaching into outer space; this ability has been employed to search for lost people, deliver messages via special signals, and, as seen most notably in the Gen II games, as the source of light for ports’ lighthouses.

While Ampharos’ appearance may not be that intimidating, its wide Electric move pool makes it a truly dangerous force, and in Gen VI it even gained the ability to use Dragon Pulse—an especially important move given its brand new Mega Evolution, which significantly boosts its Special Attack and tacks on the Dragon-Typing to this creature. Mega Ampharos looks to be designed after Chinese dragons, with its long, flowing hair appearing like a storm cloud from which it can draw its power. It’s a really awesome design and certainly a good reason to give Ampharos a shot in battle, if you hadn’t already been doing. We love Ampharos for what it was and what it’s become, and we can’t wait to see how it continues to evolve in the coming games.

Usually at this point, I’d offer some brief tease about our #1 pick to help lead us into the final entry. But let’s be honest: we all knew going into this that it would be Pikachu.

1. Pikachu

“When several of these Pokémon gather, their electricity could build and cause lightning storms.”
— Pokémon Red & Blue Versions

The mascot of the entire
Pokémon franchise, it’s a secret to no one that Pikachu is one of the biggest characters in the world—not just the Pokémon world or the world of gaming, either. The electric Mouse Pokémon, from its lightning-filled red cheeks to the tail that zigzags just like a lightning bolt, has become an global icon in the real world as well, courtesy of the major role it plays in the anime as Ash’s lifelong companion throughout his many journeys. It’s been almost twenty years since Ash and Pikachu first set out from Pallet Town, but their adventures continue to entertain countless fans to this day.

Of course, Pikachu as just another Pokémon is pretty cool in its own right, storing electricity in their cheeks to discharge at will. It is also a rarely seen creature, tending to be found only deep in wooded regions, something that actually factored into
the anime’s decision to use Pikachu as a main character. But that means that they can be a bit tricky to find in the wild, making them a valuable Pokémon to locate and catch. And, of course, Pikachu’s popularity has led to it obtaining many special benefits in the games as well, such as its major role as your starter in Pokémon Yellow Version, its signature move Volt Tackle, or its upcoming unique Z-Move, Catastropika. And it’s also seen major appearances in other franchises or spinoffs like Super Smash Bros. or Pokkén Tournament.

Pikachu is everywhere, and it’s captured the hearts of nearly every generation of gamer since the anime first launched in 1997. As such, it comes as no surprise that our staff would choose it as our favorite Electric-Type Pokémon in the series.

That does it for our staff’s favorite Electric-Types! How does it match up with what you all believe is the best of these thunderous Pokémon? Is Pikachu at the top of your list, or do you rank something even higher than the series’ mascot? Give us your lists and thoughts in the comments, and come back tomorrow to see another Top Ten list for a different Pokémon Type!

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