For many people, music can play a large role in what kind of impression a game leaves on them. Music is one of the key aspects in setting up a game’s atmosphere, and this is especially the case in the RPG genre. The right kind of song can get a player more engaged in what’s going on; whether it’s emphasizing how grandiose the overworld is or expressing the scale of a boss’ power, a well-composed soundtrack can be a crucial part of a game’s memorability. From catchy melodies to subtle ambient tracks, the RPG genre has seen all manner of soundtracks, with some being the perfect fit for the game at hand.

The soundtrack of NieR is always the first to come to my mind when I think about which game I believe has the best music. With its mix of melancholy instrumental pieces and beautiful vocals by Emi Evans (who, incidentally, also sang the vocals for the Dark Souls and Dark Souls II soundtracks), it more than makes up for NieR‘s lackluster graphics and sets a very strong tone for the game. The fictional language that was written for the game’s soundtrack is incredibly captivating, and I found the use of sounds from various modern languages as motifs for different characters to be a very nice touch. On the other hand, JRPG soundtracks such as Final Fantasy VI and Golden Sun stand out as soundtracks that sound amazing despite the sound limitations of their respective consoles.

What makes a great RPG soundtrack for you? What’s your favorite soundtrack in the genre? Let us know in the comments below, and take a peek at what the NieR soundtrack has to offer!

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Kendra Robinson
My first introduction to video games was through my parents, both were avid fans of JRPGs. When I was a toddler, I'd watch my father play Final Fantasy VII on our PlayStation for hours and hours. I was enamored by all the sights and the music that the game had to offer. Shortly thereafter, I got the first video game I could call my very own: Pokémon Blue Version. It was through Blue-- with the help of my older siblings, who each had a copy of Red Version-- that I started to learn how to read... as well as come to learn just how much I'd love video games. Since then, games have become a very large staple in my life. I began to learn Japanese so that someday I could play games that weren't available in North America. I started playing piano and clarinet in sixth grade so that I could learn to play the video game music that I'd come to love so much--with particular fondness towards Koji Kondo's work in the Zelda franchise. Now I'm a college student with an instrument repertoire made up of 16 different instruments, and I sometimes write my own compositions in my spare time. Outside of Koji Kondo-san, my musical influences (in no particular order of preference) are composers Nobuo Uematsu, Yoko Shimomura, Hiroyuki Sawano, Keiichi Okabe, Motoi Sakuraba, and Hideyuki Fukusawa. Based in the Greater Vancouver area of Canada, I plan to do my best to bring the latest news in the video game world so that people like me can be brought together by a common interest-- or rather, passion. Hope to see you around!


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