Nintendo’s latest original IP, Splatoon, has rocked the world of gaming as a family-friendly FPS that’s actually fun to play. While the game has been out since May, new content such as maps and weapons has been added over the course of several months. While discussing what NX launch titles Nintendo may have in store with a fellow gamer, I brought up the possibility of Splatoon 2. As another suggestion, he theorized that it may be a better idea to simply port Splatoon to the NX and add expansion packs. Let’s take a look at each outcome and weigh the pros and cons.

Porting Splatoon to the NX and adding new content is something that I’m sure would please many. The NX should have more power than the Wii U, so larger maps and player counts could be supported. We don’t know what controller the NX will use yet, but if it’s as innovative as the Wii Remote or Wii U GamePad, I’m certain that the NX controller could be used to bring new life to the way gamers play Splatoon. On the other hand, some would criticize Nintendo for being afraid to make another installment in the Splatoon franchise to make it a series. A common concern among Nintendo fans during this generation is that the company may be relying too much on ports/remasters.

Creating an all-new Splatoon game may also have its benefits. The NX controller could be utilized more efficiently if Nintendo put their minds to it. Graphic-wise, I’m sure that the NX will be a bump up from the Wii U’s standards, so Splatoon 2 would look much cleaner and more advanced visually than a port. Also, the game would include more brand new maps than an expansion pack would bring, and Nintendo could come up with new aspects of gameplay that the Wii U’s hardware could not allow. However, Nintendo runs the risk of Splatoon 2 becoming a complete failure. Who knows how fans would react to new gameplay changes? Maybe playing it safe and sticking with what gamers already love could be the right choice in the long run.

What is your answer to this question? Would you rather see Splatoon ported to the NX with expansion packs, or should an all-new Splatoon 2 be developed? Let us know via the comment section below.

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Darrin W. Harr II
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