While the story may be considered the most important aspect in a video game, sometimes it can go terribly wrong. Whether it just repeats a tired concept, shovels poorly executed decision-making out the door, or steals too much focus from the gameplay, it can ruin the game (like many of the story-focused Call of Duty games). Several games have easily gone by without a complex narrative.

Journey, for example, gives a relatively simple narrative in which the gameplay has still managed to captivate the hearts of gamers worldwide. Or, No Man’s Sky. It has been stated time and time again to have very little story – just an abstract goal of “reach the center of the universe” and little else.

Of course, stories can be beneficial to a ruined game as well, with one example being Alpha Protocol. While the gameplay was mediocre at best (imbalanced skills, dim-witted enemies, glitches), the setting was rather original and gave you the power of choice. A game’s story can also just stack up onto an already decent title and build it up to be even better (a solid example being Portal 2).

What do you think of stories in video games today? Let us know down below!

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