Nintendo brought huge announcements for the newest Super Smash Bros. title during today’s E3 Direct. Officially announcing the title to be Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a huge video presentation revealed new characters, stages, items, and more. Perhaps the best news of all for Smash fans, though, is that every single playable character that has ever been in a Smash game is returning for Ultimate! This includes all the third party and DLC characters.

That was only the start of the Smash feature, though. A ton of additional information was revealed.

Sakurai also confirmed that the game’s roster will start out small, but unlocking the characters will be fun and rewarding. The game will also feature the return of 8-Player Smash.

He then went in to smaller changes for each fighter. That’s what most of the rest of this post is, but if you want to watch footage instead of read recaps, you can find that all at the bottom of this post! Otherwise, let’s talk about those changes.

Mario now wears Cappy on his head and has some outfits from Super Mario Odyssey. Link is wearing the Champions Tunic from Breath of the Wild. He wields remote bombs and his Final Smash uses the ancient arrows. Ike has outfits from both of his origin games, Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, and his voice will change depending on which one you choose.

You can now also play as a female Pikachu. The Pikachu Libre outfit is also available. Fox’s Final Smash has switched to using Arwings to blast fighters on the stage, rather than the Landmaster, and is a lot faster. His character design is now based on Star Fox Zero. Falco is in much the same boat, even mimicking Fox’s Final Smash again, though his version is a bit more unruly.

Ryu will always be facing his opponents in 1v1 matches. Samus can now charge her moves in midair. She can also cancel it with a dodge or a jump. Marth’s dancing blade is now a lot faster and he is fully voiced in English.

Solid Snake returns with the Shadow Moses stage. Dedede now has a final smash that unleashes missiles and a jet hammer. Pichu, unfortunately, still hurts himself. Zelda’s appearance is based on A Link Between Worlds. Her final smash uses the Triforce of Wisdom.

Sonic’s final smash is now lightning fast, as well as Pac-Man’s. The Pokemon trainer faces no penalty for sticking with one single Pokemon, and you can play as a female trainer. Captain Falcon now has dramatic slow-mo effects on strong attacks. Robin now has a tome meter that shows how long you have left to use them.

It is now clearer to see what items you have pocketed as villager. Giga Bowser is now much larger and stronger. Mr. Game and Watch now has a closer resemblance to his classic games. Wolf’s updated design is now based on Star Fox Zero. Kirby’s stone ability can now transform him into a chest from Breath of the Wild.

Shulk’s Monado Arts can be directly selected. Fiora is now a part of his final smash. Ganondorf takes on his appearance from Ocarina of Time and his final smash transforms him into Demon King Ganon. The Mii proportions have been adjusted and the team is trying to get them ready for online battle.

Pit’s final smash now features the Lightning Chariot. Zero Suit Samus uses her power suit to fire a laser. Olimar’s helmet can crack when he gets hit. Bayonetta’s shots sound differently depending on what form she is in. Wario’s final smash no longer includes standard moveset.

Donkey Kong’s final smash is a lot faster now. Little Mac’s final smash now features a flurry of punches as Giga Mac. Ness’s and Lucas’s final smashes now call for his friends for help.

Wii Fit Trainer’s face has been changed slightly. Mega Man’s final smash includes Proto Man and Base. Palutena’s special attacks have been more streamlined. ROB has a gauge that shows how much fuel he has left for hovering. Lucina and Dark Pit are dubbed as “echo fighters” rather than clones. Daisy was announced as a new echo fighter to Peach.

The Inkling was also shown off. They will have access to different weapons and their final smash will use the Killer Wail. They can, however, run out of ink. So make sure to refill! The Squid Sisters will also be available as assist trophies, and there will be a Splatoon themed stage.

New assist trophies were also shown, including Lyn, Waluigi, and Bomberman. The game will also feature new Pokemon that will assist you.

As far as stages go, there are a ton of new and returning ones including Green Hill Zone, Great Plateau Tower, Kongo Falls, Prism Tower, Green Greens, Mario Galaxy, Lylat Cruise,and much more!

There are also a ton of new techniques, like being able to cancel a dash with your smash attack. There’s also increased air mobility. Excessive dodging makes you more vulnerable. A+B will activate your smash attack. In timed battles, the leader will sometimes flash with light.

On top of all this, the game is playable with a GameCube controller, and all current amiibo are compatible with the game if that fighter is featured.

Check out all the videos below for more info!

Source: Nintendo E3 2018 Direct

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