Will we ever get Mother 3 in English?Apparently, someone at Disney is a fan of Earthbound. Last month, they made history by broadcasting the Super Smash Brothers for Wii U Evolution finals on their proprietary channel, Disney XD. This entry into the Smash Bros. series features two characters from the Earthbound series (known as Mother in Japan), as well two unique stages, one exclusive to the 3DS version and one to the Wii U version.

Perhaps this partnership got someone at Disney interested in the Mother/Earthbound series, because now even they are calling for an American release of Mother 3. On July 16, the day of the Smash Bros. finals at Evo, the official Twitter account for D|XP, Disney XD’s gaming block, tweeted a video of Lucas visibly straining with the caption of “Waiting for that Mother 3 localization like.”

Mother 3 was the third entry in the series, and to date has never had an official English release, although fans have translated the game themselves. It was originally planned to be an N64 title, but was moved to the Game Boy Advance and released in Japan 2006. This latest nod to the game comes soon after Adult Swim voiced support for a localization on TV, and several months after Reggie Fils-Aime was asked about Mother 3 fan demand.

Will we ever see another game in the Earthbound/Mother series given an American localization? Does it even matter, given the fan translations out there? Let us know what you think below.

Source: Twitter

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