NASA simulator Kerbal Space Program now lets you immortalize your successful (or unsuccessful) spaceships in physical form. Printing company Eucl3D has teamed up with the Kerbal developers to allow players to upload their .craft files onto their website to be converted into a scale replica. Now when you finally find that design that takes you to the moon and back, you can put it on your real world shelf to show off to your friends and admire. It won’t take you to space for real, though.

The models look pretty high-quality, but come with some restrictions and caveats. For starters, some finer parts like struts, launch clamps, and decouplers are modified or omitted, because even a good 3D printer can’t get that level of precision just yet. Size, too, is not that flexible—designs are scaled to pre-determined price points, starting at $99, so two ships of vastly different sizes in game will share a similar longest dimension in meatspace. Still, it is a neat feature.

You can upload your spacecrafts here.

Source: Eucl3D

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