Wii U, Nintendo’s last home console, was able to run the last-gen Unreal Engine 3, but it couldn’t handle the latest iteration of the popular game engine. Without Unreal Engine 4 support, many prominent games skipped Wii U, and that’s a problem Nintendo is hoping to avoid with their next console, Nintendo Switch.

Epic Games has already confirmed that Nintendo Switch will support Unreal Engine 4, and they recently elaborated on that confirmation with some more details. According to Takayuki Kawasaki, territory manager for Epic Games Japan, we can expect many Switch games to use Unreal Engine 4, and that includes prominent games we know about as well as unannounced projects. Kawasaki also added that Epic is hoping Nintendo Switch will boost the Japanese console business, which has been in decline for years.

Unreal Engine 4 is immensely popular with AAA developers and indies alike due to its scalable and user-friendly nature and its reasonable payment model. Hopefully we’ll see lots of fantastic games utilize it on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Social VR Info (via Nintendo Everything)

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