Edge Magazine recently did a piece on Nintendo’s fast-approaching ink shooter Splatoon, and NeoGAF user Thefro has compiled a summary of the details shared there. There is a lot of new information, ranging from shoes that match your squid-kid to insights on the development process, such as the way weapons are balanced in the game. They went over plenty of old information, too, going over the game’s early prototype wherein all players were just blocks flinging paint. The team liked the idea of using squids on the box, but the game did not really take off until they came up with the idea of switching between ink-swimming squids and humans that could hold the weapons, after which point all the more unique mechanics like the game’s relative swim speeds based on color came into being.

Some of the more intricate parts of the game’s design have been the source of much difficulty in the development. Arguments about weapon balance in various situations are frequent, and the team apparently spent two hours discussing the fuse timer on the game’s grenades. Tsubasa Sakaguchi, co-director of Splatoon, says the trick he has been using to balance things is to make players want just a bit more out of them, such as wanting them to fire just a bit farther or a bit faster, which keeps any one weapon from standing head-and-shoulders above the rest. The other co-director, Yusuke Amano, claims that his goal for the title is to make it a shooter that is more welcoming than traditional ones, being a fan of the genre himself, but often being frustrated when playing with friends.

The game’s development has been so much a part of their daily lives recently it has seeped into their dreams – Sakaguchi says he had a dream about asking a programmer to come up with something and liked the dream result so much he asked that programmer to implement it in reality the next day. That’s some dedication! Nintendo EAD manager Katsua Eguchi even hinted at updates or DLC post-release to keep people interested in the title after its initial hype wears off.

On the more mechanical side of things, the directors shared that there will be more modes besides the standard Turf Wars and Splat Zones, and that some Splat Zone maps will have multiple control points to keep track of, requiring all three to tick your victory timer down. Each team will always have only one respawn point, but will be untouchable while standing on it to deter campers from ruining the fun. After using your super jump to rejoin a fight in progress, you will be able to start firing before you land, and primary weapons will have different loadouts of sub/special weapons. As for the aesthetic, well, a lot of the team is in their 30s, so 90s era street fashion played a big part in their inspiration.

Regarding Amiibo, each of the three will come with 15 missions and 5 pieces of rare gear inside them. It was also suggested that the Inkling girl will have at least one challenge entailing completing a mission in a set time limit.

Source: NeoGAF

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