At Konami’s Pre-E3 2013 press conference this morning, they talked about the new Fluidity Engine being introduced in Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. The engine is comprised of 6 components: TrueBall tech, M.A.S.S., PES ID, Team Play, Heart, and The Core.

TrueBall tech gives the player heavy control over the ball’s movement in play, able to move it in any direction, even while it’s in the air. This is made possible by other elements of the Fluidity Engine, deciding how the ball moves by using the player’s line and center of gravity and by how their mass is being shifted. The concept Very Center is also being introduced, allowing separate control over the player and the ball. Konami says this gives way to a “more instinctive style of play.”

M.A.S.S. is the next component, the Motion Animation Stability System, which simulates body contact physics, something TrueBall uses. This new physics engine will create more realistic gameplay to draw the player in more than ever before.

Heart affects how your team plays when at home games and away. Team morale and player motivation has been included in the game. As you do well in games, your fans motivate your teammates not as a whole but individually to do better at home and away. As motivation grows or shrinks your players’ abilities change.

While the PES ID, Team Play, and Core components weren’t detailed, it is obvious that the Fluidity Engine affects the entire gaming experience, making it deeper, more enjoyable, and different each time. Expect to see more of PES 2014 at E3 2013.

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