In the far-off distant past of 2017, the Nintendo Switch Live Conference touched upon wider support for independent developers and listed a number of indie games to launch on the hybrid console. Among them was Duck Game, produced by Vancouver-based developer Landon Podbielski and published by Adult Swim Games, which had yet to leave the nest and migrate to the Switch two years on.

Though its absence to this day had ruffled some feathers, anticipating players won’t have to ponder its fate for much longer. Adult Swim has confirmed via Twitter that Duck Game will finally take flight to Nintendo Switch on May 2, just a little over a month from now.

If the above sneak beak is of any indication, the full-fledged port appears to be running swimmingly on the Switch. Be it online, couch, or wireless multiplayer, you and your fowl-weathered friends can go head to head in fast-paced matches with an irresponsible number of weapons and try to stay afloat. A single shot is all it takes to turn you into roast duck, so fledglings and veteran players alike will need to stay on their webbed toes.

Duck Game also takes advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen function to allow for more immersive level editing, so that you too can wing it and create your own custom maps—be they poultry by design or stuffed with platforms, weapons, and hazards. Switch players will also have first quack at some exclusive levels, according to the overview on Nintendo’s website. These will naturally be timed exclusives, so no need to cry fowl over developer misconduckt if you already own the game on other platforms.

Those who are willing to foot the bill early can preorder and preload Duck Game via the Nintendo Switch eShop right now.

If you’re looking to pick up Duck Game for yourself, waddle you be looking forward to most? Share your thoughts with us below!

Source: Nintendo

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