Dragon Ball FighterZ has quickly become one of the most beloved video games in the fighting game tournament scene. Combining the Dragon Ball franchise with the tight fighting game style of Arc System Works turned out to be lightning in a bottle. To keep up with the success of the game, a second season pass for fighter DLC has been revealed, with the first two fighters dropping this Thursday!

The first two characters of the season pass will be Jiren and Videl. Jiren, an extremely powerful fighter from Universe 11 introduced in Dragon Ball Super, is an explosive grappler that can essentially turn the entire battlefield into a mushroom cloud. Videl, Gohan’s rough-and-tumble wife, uses quick jabs and intense kicks while also summoning the Great Saiyaman to take care of combos and long-range moves. Both of these characters are expected to drop on January 31st.

While the third and fourth fighters of the season pass’ six characters remain unknown, the final two fighters were revealed. Fresh off of the new movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Gogeta and Broly will be available at a later date. No gameplay footage of those fighters exists at the moment, but we probably won’t have to wait too long for more information about them.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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