Bethesda has revealed the multiplayer modes of their forthcoming Doom, and they are brutal: Soul Harvest, Warpath, Clan Arena, Domination, Team Deathmatch, and—most intense of all—Freeze Tag. But, yah, basically Bethesda just uploaded a minute-long Doom trailer to YouTube throwing out the names and brief descriptions off all the different modes available in the multiplayer of the new Doom (releasing May 13).

A few of them are shooter staples—namely Team Deathmatch—but then you’ve got types like Soul Harvest, and the only explanation given is “kill enemies to harvest souls,” which sounds more like a really weird hobby than an FPS mode. I digress. In Freeze Tag, you “freeze enemies and thaw allies,” in Warpath you “capture the moving zone,” and in the other three I guess the names are pretty self-explanatory because the trailer doesn’t say anything else.

And all of that’s to a backdrop of bloody and gorey Doom gameplay, so look up to check it out.

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Barry Herbers
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