We’ve recently come across a lot of information about the newest endeavor into toy-video gaming, Disney Infinity, which is set to launch in August of this year for “pretty much [every current-gen console].” This information comes to us in the form of a video interview from Rev3Games.

Max Scoville of Rev3Games interviewed John Gay, producer of Disney Infinity, on the E3 floor. We learned that there are many aspects to this game, and although it may seem to be a mere clone of Skylanders, upon further inspection there couldn’t be anything further from the truth.

According to John, the different aspects of the game are: the characters/toys, the Infinity Base, Power Discs, and Playsets. The characters and base are somewhat self-explanatory (you place the characters on the base to activate them). Power Discs come in different shapes and forms, and can be used for various things, from giving your character an HP boost, to adding a flying mount, to changing the world around you. Playsets are the universe-specific games that can be played: for example, there is a Pirates of the Caribbean Playset, and only Pirates characters can be used in said world. According to the producer, each Playset is expected to give from four to over six hours of gameplay.

In addition to this, and perhaps the main draw, is the Toy Box. Unlike Skylanders, which features a central hub that is somewhat simplistic, the Toy Box is exactly what its name elicits. It is an open overworld, wherein you can create your own story and play as any character. Essentially, the player can do whatever they want. They can customize the Toy Box to their heart’s desire and can move, add, and/or delete anything. Additionally, playing (and completing) different Playsets will unlock new toys for the Toy Box.

Two players can play on splitscreen, but up to four people can play online. As a safety precaution, players are only able to play online with those whom they are already friends. In addition to this, players are able to upload their personal creations to Disney, and “pending moderation (for obvious reasons),” this can potentially be published and downloaded to any platform (so something created on PlayStation 3 can be downloaded to an Xbox 360).

The developers see this as an ongoing project and will continue to put out new content over time.

The Starter Pack includes three characters (Mr. Incredible, Jack Sparrow, and Sully), access to their respective Playsets, a random Power Disc, the game software, and the Infinity Base. This will go for $79.99. Additional Playsets (such as Cars, Lone Ranger) which will contain two characters and the Playset itself, will sell for $34.99. Individual characters – there will be over twenty at launch – will go for $12.99, and Power Discs – which are sold in blind packs of two each – will sell for $4.99. The game launches August 18th of this year.

This is an incredible amount of information on the games, and if you watch the video you can see some gameplay footage while the two are talking. Does this game interest you? Does it endanger Skylanders? Let us know in the comments below.

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