Nintendo has been notorious in regards to its digital revenue, but it looks as if the company is finally starting to push for a greater digital presence. As of this last quarter, digital software sales now make up 10.8% of Nintendo’s total software sales across all platforms. That equates to ¥27.1 billion in the past year all from digital sales, but the particularly interesting part is that these digital sales are on the rise fast—with as much in digital sales being made in the past three months as was made in the six months before that.

The above graph shows Nintendo’s revenue of digital software sales in trailing twelve month values, meaning each point represents sales of the year leading up to it (this is to smooth out jagged graphs from seasonal differences). With the launch of the Wii U, the Big N had a steady climb in their digital marketplace, but plateaued off in 2014. The last fiscal quarter, however, has seen quite a jump, with the past three months seeing ¥10.4 billion in sales—where the entire six month period before saw ¥10.7 billion. If the pattern continues at its current rate, Nintendo could make double in this six month period what it did from March – September last year.

At the same time, Nintendo was also increasing their digital sales as a percentage of their total software sales at almost exactly the same rate as the actual software sales values. At nearly 11%, digital media sales now make up a comfortable portion of Nintendo’s software revenue. It took a while, but it looks like Nintendo is finally catching on to the importance of digital distribution. They managed to sustain some major growth in this area for about a year before. With any luck, they’ll be able to do it again.

Source: Gamasutra

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