As we wait for the newest installment of the legendary handheld JRPG franchise Pokémon, artists have been busy creating pieces inspired by the franchise. The new Pokémon X and Y
games are likely named, in-part, after the vertical and horizontal “X”
and “Y” axes of the coordinate plane. In accordance with this naming
trend, Pokémon Z would potentially be named after the “Z” axis,
as this third axis accounts for the “forward and backward” of
3-dimensional space and stereoscopic 3D, which is one of the unique
selling points of the 3DS.

Taking inspiration from the potential of a Pokémon Z Version, Shoyu-Rai used Norse mythology and Pokémon sensibilities to create the look for her hypothetical Pokémon Z legendary, whom she has named “Zidhoggon”.

The artist had this to say about her work:

So my attempt on what it could look like ~There are theories at all places, and there was this theory about them being based on Norse mythology 8D Yveltal is the eagle from the tree-top off Yggdrasil and in the middle, there are those four deers, and Xerneas represent all of them because of the colored horns. I hope the theory is true, as it would mean a pokemon Z would probably come out o3o Down in the roots of the trees, are the dragon/serpent Nidhoggr, which I based Zidhoggon off. ~ The name is a mix of Z, Nidhoggr and dragon. — Shoyu-Rai 

What do you think of this design for a potential new legendary Pokémon? If you like Shoyu-Rai’s work, head over to her DeviantArt page, where you can find more of her wonderful art.

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