Nintendo Switch has been a strong seller for Nintendo and a popular console through its first two years, but it’s not without its shortcomings. One of the biggest complaints against the hybrid console is its lack of a simple voice chat. Most games either don’t support voice chat at all or require you to use a companion app on a smart device… which kind of defeats the purpose.

While Nintendo isn’t personally budging on the lack of a system-wide voice chat feature, we may soon see individual developers step up to the plate. When Fortnite was ported to Switch, it allowed for simple voice chat using a headset connected to the console. This was made possible thanks to technology provided by Vivox.

Since then, Nintendo and Vivox have reached an agreement to allow all authorized Nintendo Switch developers access to the Vivox software development kit. Vivox has confirmed that Hi-Rez titles Smite and Paladins will soon be adding Vivox-powered voice chat in future updates. Other companies will then also have the ability to patch in voice chat to existing titles or to include it at launch in future titles.

Source: Vivox PR

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