Smash Bros. news has been sparse since E3. Most characters, items, and stages were revealed during the original presentation, meaning that we’ve got a little bit of a news drought on our hands between now and Ultimate‘s release. But little scraps of info have been dropped thanks to the Smash Bros. website, and one of these has now revealed that Delfino Plaza will be returning for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Although the newest update shines its spotlight on the Assist Trophy Rodin, the background of this image is unmistakably that of the Plaza.

Delfino Plaza was introduced in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and is based on the hub world from Super Mario Sunshine. It’s a moving stage, meaning that fighters are flown around the island’s plaza and are forced to fight on key locations from Sunshine‘s overworld, such as the Shine Gate. This concept is also used in other stages, such as Prism Tower and Skyloft.

Most stages from past Super Smash Bros. games are returning for Ultimate, but it’s been confirmed that not all will be returning. Past favorites like Fountain of Dreams and Kongo Jungle 64 are still MIA, as are some less fondly remembered ones like Hanenbow. Only time will tell which stages won’t be returning.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on December 7th. Are there any stages you are praying will make the cut?

Source: Super Smash Blog

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