Tomonobu Itagaki created the popular fighting series Dead or Alive, but he’s not too pleased with what the franchise has come to be. It’s no secret that the Dead or Alive series has gratuitous amounts of sex appeal, and it always has, but according to the series creator, it’s a symptom of a big problem in the latest game. According to Itagaki, the balance of the series is all wrong now, and gameplay only caters to hardcore gamers. As such, the developers are increasing the sexuality of the game in order to milk the loyal players to make up for lost sales from poor gameplay. Here are his full thoughts on the matter:

“It is almost impossible to attract new players with the way the game plays now. Look back at the older DOAs. When a new comer tries out the game for the first time, his first instinct is to just press the buttons randomly. But, those button presses usually lead to some very visually pleasing moves and even at some points lead to that beginner’s first victory. When a new player experiences this, in his mind he would think, “Hey, I think I can play this game” and would start to play it more and maybe even attract more players to play it. When you compare this to the state DOA5 is in, a new comer has virtually no chance at all. The technical gap is so huge to the point that the game will feel too awkward and this new comer will never be able to play effectively or ever get a win. A game like that would never sell. This is why they thought they can overcome this by making the game more erotic and milk you loyal players all out of your money with erotic DLC. It’s disgusting.”
— Tomonobu Itagaki

“Everybody is a little perverted; even I’m a little perverted. But, it was for that very reason I created DOAX [Dead or Alive Xtreme]; in order to target the people who wanted something a little bit more casual and sexy but at the same time keeping that tone separate from the ‘fighting game’ that is DOA. DOA is now a total mess.”
— Tomonobu Itagaki

Do you think Dead or Alive still does a good job of providing players with a quality gameplay experience, or is there too much emphasis on fan service? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Orochinagi

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