3DS Pokémon spin-off Great Detective Pikachu recently launched in Japan, and while we’re still waiting for word of a Western release, the game has already drawn a lot of attention outside its home country. The game stars a talking Pikachu with a deep voice, and it began making headlines when a fan petition to cast Danny DeVito as Pikachu’s voice in the West gained over 40,000 signatures.

Unfortunately, it looks like the chances of that happening are rather slim. While promoting
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia at the LA Paley Center for Media, DeVito was asked if he knew about the petition and if he wanted the role. DeVito initially answered “no” to both before asking “What the f**k is Pokémon?” Shortly after, Devito told the interviewer that he should talk to his agent about it. Whether DeVito is actually completely ignorant of Pokémon or just joking around remains to be seen, but the chances of him voicing the Great Detective Pikachu aren’t looking too good.

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