As of earlier today, another title from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is available on the Virtual Console for New Nintendo 3DS. Players can now re-experience the run and gun fun of Konami’s 1992 hit Contra III: The Alien Wars—or Super Probotector: Alien Rebels, as it was known in Europe—on the go, taking on the roles of Jimbo and Sully as they war against an off-world terror in the year 2636. New 3DS owners need only pay the low price of $7.99 to grab this classic!

That’s not the only new title on the 3DS eShop, as publisher Four Horses has released the puzzle and action game
Digger Dan DX for $0.99; Nintendo DSi owners might remember its 2011 prequel, the DSiWare title Digger Dan & Kaboom.

New downloadable content for existing software is launching this week in the form of
the Master Wind Waker Pack for Hyrule Warriors Legends, as well as Medli as a free playable character for both Wii U and 3DS versions of the game. Additional story DLC for Fire Emblem Fates also continues to roll out, as the “III: The Changing Tide” map launches today for $1.99. Fates owners can save a few dollars by paying $7.99 for all six maps under “The Heirs of Fate” map pack.

Finally, there are also a handful of sales going on in the eShop that some 3DS owners might want to take advantage of:

You can check out this week’s eShop download highlights for the Wii U, including
PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure for the Virtual Console, by clicking here.

Source: Nintendo Press Room

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