Diddy Kong Racing was a gem on Nintendo 64, and many fans have dreamed of a bigger, better console sequel. While this remains only a dream, an idea for a sequel (complete with a tech demo) on GameCube was pitched to Nintendo by Climax back in 2004. YouTuber PtoPOnline has just released a new video that dives into the story of Diddy Kong Racing Adventure and explores what could have been.

Diddy Kong Racing Adventure was planned to take place on Kongo Island with the villainous Wizpig (aided by the Kremlings) attempting to pave over the jungle to turn it all into a giant roadway. The game featured six villages (including the Kong Family Village and a Pirate Lagoon, complete with a Funky Kong Surf Resort) with three courses each, all connected by a hub area. Players could freely explore the island, finding various secrets.

Like the first game, Diddy Kong Racing Adventure was set to feature multiple vehicles, including quad bikes, planes, buggies, jet skis, and hover scooters, all of which could be upgraded and customized with accessories offering special abilities. The courses were somewhat customizable as well, as players could control settings like time of day and weather.

Climax pitched the game to Nintendo over a decade ago, but the project never moved forward. It’s unclear why Nintendo decided to pass on the project.

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