One year ago, Nintendo and DeNA followed up on the success of Super Mario Run with a mobile entry for the Fire Emblem franchise, celebrating its rich history and cavalcade of characters by compacting the core experience for on-the-go enjoyment. Fire Emblem Heroes has since become a runaway hit, outpacing its predecessor in revenue and receiving several accolades, among them “Best Game of 2017” from Google Play Japan.

Now, just like before its launch, Nintendo is once again hosting a “Choose Your Legends” promotional event online, where Heroes fans can vote to decide which characters will make a special appearance in the game in the near future. From last year’s round, special edition versions of fan favorites Ike, Lyn, Roy, and Lucina—all bearing unique costumes and weapons—took the collective crown and were included in Fire Emblem Heroes in August 2017.

The voting period lasts until 6:59 PM Pacific this Sunday, January 28. Follow this link to the Legends website, search for your favorite hero, and cast your vote once per day up to the end of the week. If you link your My Nintendo account, you will also receive 100 Platinum Coins after the event is over, and the more you vote, the more special wallpapers you can download in the end. Last year’s four winners (including the Radiant Dawn Ike and Masked Marth variants) are off the table, however.

Which hero will you be rooting for in “Choose Your Legends: Round 2?” How have you been enjoying the Book II expansion? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo

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