About three years ago, Nintendo gave The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess a makeover. The GameCube/Wii title was remastered in HD and re-released on Wii U for a new generation to enjoy, but Nintendo wasn’t done with the popular Zelda game yet. They’ve recently started recreating Wii games on the Nvidia Shield for release in China, allowing them to sell software without first selling Nintendo-specific hardware in the region. A version of Twilight Princess was released on the Shield in late 2017.

Originally this Shield port was simply an upscaled version of the base game running at 1080p, making it less visually impressive than the Wii U version. However, Nvidia has just released a new patch that utilizes deep learning technology to make improvements to over 4,400 textures in the game. It’s a notable improvement over the game’s previous look, but it still appears to fall a little short of the look achieved on Wii U.

You can compare the two looks by watching the two videos below. The top video is the Shield release at launch while the bottom video shows off the game after the texture improvement patch.

Source: Chinese Nintendo (via Siliconera)

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