Over a year will have passed since its surprise unveiling at the 25th anniversary party, when SEGA proudly presented a brand new Sonic adventure made by classic fans, for classic fans. Despite the delay to Summer, the development team at PagodaWest Games has been working hard to deliver a great game for the season, and with the leaked release date now proven to be real, the wait is almost over.

Time to mark your calendars, for August 15th is the day Sonic Mania finally launches on modern consoles.

For the above trailer, the Sonic social team made special mention of Boom Comics’ Tyson Hesse and the Hyper Potions music duo in the video description. Hesse, who gained renown with his art for the SONIC: Mega Drive miniseries at Archie Comics, worked on the animation with assistance from Skullgirls lead animator Kinuko and Precious Rascals artist Anthony Holden. Hyper Potions, whose music was previously featured in the reveal trailers for both Mania and Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, put together “Time Trials” just for the occasion, and you can purchase or play their new single on the digital music platform of your choice.

As for new details to glean from the trailer? We finally get a glimpse of the boss battle against Studiopolis Zone’s resident Hard Boiled Heavy, the laser mini-boss from the original Flying Battery Zone makes a comeback, and Stardust Speedway of Sonic CD fame returns as a new stage! Digital preorders for Sonic Mania are now live for the Xbox One and Steam versions, as well as the PlayStation 4 iteration later today. There’s also the physical Collector’s Edition if you fancy owning a commemorative statue and cartridge.

Once again, Sonic Mania arrives on August 15th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam, and Nintendo Switch. On which platform do you plan on picking up the game? What do you think of the new trailer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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