Nintendo is preparing to release a brand new console in March, and in addition to the usual lineup of first-party franchises like Mario and Zelda, they’ve got support from a collection of third-party developers. One of the popular companies that has pledged to develop games for Nintendo Switch is Capcom, but they haven’t revealed any of the games they’re working on yet.

As it turns out, even Capcom may not be so sure about their Nintendo Switch lineup. Speaking with investors, a Capcom representative shed some light on the company’s thought process regarding the upcoming console. While they’re currently “carrying out research” into the idea of porting some of their games to Nintendo Switch, they’re not sure it will necessarily be a good fit.

“We are currently carrying out research with regards to multiplatform implementation of software for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on to the Nintendo Switch. However, we do feel that there are differences in the desired direction and the play-style of the Nintendo Switch and those of the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

“At Capcom we determine which platform to release a title for after considering the features of both our software and the hardware in question, believing we must bring the enjoyment of our games to their maximum potential.

“It is excellent to have the market invigorated with new hardware launches [like Nintendo Switch] […] Following first party, in order to introduce our own content we are currently moving forward with internal planning and analysis as a partner company.”
— Capcom

While it’s likely that Nintendo-exclusive Capcom games (such as Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney) will come to Switch, multiplatform titles are less of a sure bet. It may depend on what Capcom is able to do with the hardware, early sales of the console, and other factors. What Capcom titles would you like to see come to Nintendo Switch?

Source: Capcom (via Video Gamer)

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