If you’ve seen the trailer for the new Dead Rising 3, you may have noticed that it has taken a slightly different direction from its predecessors. The game, which is set to release in November of this year on the Xbox One, got some screen time at E3. Apparently, Capcom Vancouver wanted to “go after the Call of Duty player.”

According to Gamespot, the new style was completely intentional on Capcom’s part. Another important change was that “Capcom wants the zombies to be your biggest threat this time around.” However, there will be a Nightmare mode, which will include time limits.

Additionally, Dead Rising 3 will allow players to create unique weapons, the Xbox One’s Kinect as well as SmartGlass will be used, and you can even perform certain actions with a phone or tablet.

It seems that Capcom thinks this new shift will move games. Does this new style entice you, or would you prefer a return to the classic Dead Rising style? Let us know in the comments below.

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